Why Do YOU Create Forums?

Why Do You Create Forums?I want to know what motivates you to do all of this work to create a  community. Creating an active community is a lot of work and at many times very stressful, so why do you create forums?

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  • GAK Said:

    I do it because it’s fun.


  • Who__Dey85 Said:

    Personally, it’s just because I have a gaming clan. The forum makes you look more professional and it makes it easier to get information out. However, I have come to love and enjoy it.


  • MisaTange Said:

    I also do it because it’s fun, despite all the stress and stuff. If I have a gaming clan or something like that, it’s easier to get information out, though sometimes the clan members don’t even register. I don’t blame them; registering on the forums is optional.


  • Saohc Said:

    I just basically do it, because it’s a bit fun, although it becomes a chore after a while.


  • Michael Said:

    I agree with the other commenters above: I do it because it’s fun.

    My situation is a bit different however in that I didn’t actually CREATE the forum I run. Instead, I purchased it from the former owner/administrator. I won’t bore you with details, but I was a member of this forum and a little over a year ago, I received an email (probably as part of a mass emailing) saying the site was for sale and if it wasn’t purchased soon it would be taken down. Since I didn’t want to see the site disappear (it contained a wealth of information on automotive superchargers) I decided to purchase and keep it alive. So with no previous forum administration experience or vBulletin software knowledge, I purchased the site and have been running it ever since.

    Despite not creating the community myself, I do enjoy running it. Sure, at times it can feel like a chore, and from time to time I encounter software or plug-in issues when introducing a new ‘feature’ to the site. But these ‘annoyances’ hold true with any endeavor a person decides to embark on.


  • Fabio Fleitas Said:

    Hehe, everyone here loves to create forums then! :D

    I know of a few people that create forums to cash, but they don’t really work out all that well and it costs a lot of money to make money from forums to begin with.

    So even through the tough times, you guys always find a way to have fun on the forum huh?

    I personally create forums to create new bonds with members. I love meeting new people and this is one of the best ways for me to do it. I also love the responsibility behind it. If I create a big community, I want it to be because I was able to do it. It is almost like a self-test for me.

    I love the excitement and thought-process involved with community making. I think it really puts you on your toes and makes you think of things you normally wouldn’t need to think about. It also prepares you for the real corporate world to come.


  • Codes Rock Said:

    I began on forums as an ordinary member. Soon after, I was promoted to a Moderator position. Then I was moved up to Global Moderator with Admin Control Panel access.

    I did a lot of the the code work on the forums backend and after a while I decided I could do all this work on my own site.

    As such began a journey that has spanned almost a decade and as many forums!

    I enjoy meeting people, building friendships and the interactions with others keep me participating.

    Overall, it’s about the members . . . that’s why I build forums.



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